HTML5 getStarted();

  • The Doctype:                      
               <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">     

                 *These lines of code called the doctype.  it isn’t HTML tag.
                 *specifies rules for the markup language ,do that the browsers render the content correctly.
                 *The structure of the web page like as a tree.
                 *It consist of node (parent)  and some child’s that divided into ancestors.
                 *Elements that don’t have any children’s called leaf node.

  • Character Encoding:

                 -Computers don’t deal with character’s .they deal with bit’s and bytes.
                 -You can think character encoding as a kind of decryption key for text.
                 –utf-8 used in HTML for encoding character’s.

⇒ New semantic elements in HTML5:


                -Represent a generic section of a document or application.

                –such as: Book divided into section called chapters.


               -header element is usually intended to contain section’s heading <h1> ………  <h6>

               -HTML5 defines <header> element to get rid of the oldest formula  of defining the header ⇒ <dev id=”header”>.

               -the new formula will be:

                           <h1> DEVMIX <h1>


              -Represent the heading of the section .

              -Acts as wrapper for two or more related heading elements.


                  <h1> DEVMIX </h1>
                     <h3> HTML5 </h3>

               -Presents a self contained composition in document , page , application or site that is intended to be independently 

                 distributable or reusable.

               -HTML5 provides a more specific elements for the common case of marking up an article named <article>

                         <h1> DEVMIX <h1>
                         <h3> HTML5 <h3>

      *Date and Time:-
                  -HTML5 provides the <time>  element.
                  -It consists of 3 parts:

        1. A machine readable time stamp .
        2. Human readable text content .
        3. Optional pubdate flag.


               <time date-time=”2011-08-15” pubdate> August 15, 2011 </time>

                         -to add time:

                <time date-time=”2011-08-15T18:59:47” pubdate>
                         August 15, 2011  6:59am

                    -Navigation bar is one of the important parts of any website.
                    -HTML5 provide semantic way to mark up navigation section called <nav>


                    <li> <a href=”#” >Home </a> </li>
                     <li> <a href=”#” >contact </a> </li>


            -HTML5 provide a specific element for footer is  called <footer>

            -footer contains information about its section , links , copyrights,….



                           <p> DEVMIX </p>


By : Mohammed Ashraf


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