10 Articles Introduction to HTML5 is Done !

Hey all, devmix promise with a few articles of HTML5 in 3 days .. and it’s done 🙂
we promise also with other articles in HTML5 in the other sides of this language, wait us very soon isA .. we only need one thing from you .. Your feed Back

The 10 articles are as follow:

HTML5 — How came to be ? By Mohamed Gebril
Detecting HTML5 Features By Mohamed Ibrahim
HTML5 getStarted(); By Mohamed Ashraf
HTML5 – Canvas element By Mai Mohamed
HTML5 – Video element By Medhat Dawoud
HTML5 – Geolocation By Eman Elma3sarawi
HTML5 – Local Storage By Maha Elbasuony
HTML5 – Let’s Take This Offline By Amar Ashor
HTML5 – What Is MiCroData? By Dina Wasef
HTML5 – Fantastic Form By Medhat Dawoud

We hope that these articles were useful for you, wait us soon for more articles and keep contacting us:

DevMix Official Page on facebook
DevMix Page on GooglePlus
DevMix Team group on facebook

🙂 Good Luck For All 🙂

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  1. #1 by Ahmed Ragab on August 18, 2011 - 8:04 pm

    مجهود عظيم .. بالتوفيق يا شباب 🙂

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