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What is UML ?

As we all know that any project has some steps to be done in a profession way, the main step of the steps of systems is System Analysis and System Design Which make the whole different to your project if you didn’t save any effort in them, then the implementation is very easy to be done.

in the step of system analysis we make some meetings with your client to get the point that he want in his project, and after that you must rearrange all his speech to be clear to your team.

After the step of system analysis the next step is coming which is very important and this article is specified for, the system design is to draw some diagrams each of them clear part of the project to make the whole project very very recognized to the developers.

these diagrams are called UML or Unified Modeling Language .. to learn the UML and it’s diagrams visit the following links :

For More – search Google + Youtube for learning UML

and there are a lot of tools to make UML diagrams like:

I Hope This Post Help You as a start to UML design .. and sorry for writing it in English 🙂


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